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AE Electrical lighting and manufacturing Pvt Ltd has been operating in Zimbabwe since 1995. 

What does AE do?
AE manufactures and supplies low cost, but durable household electrical appliances to the Zimbabwean community and eventually Southern Africa.  Our core business is manufacturing, assembling and molding of electrical household appliances and electrical extensions, therefore offering a wide range of products. Our capability to manufacture locally ensures competitive pricing and quality that matches our customer needs.
Over the years we have assessed our target market needs and we now manufacture and supply complementary products such as LED bulbs, solar geysers, gas stoves, knapsacks, and plastic ware. These are also of superior quality.
Our vision is to become the leading supplier of household electrical and lighting gadgets in Zimbabwe and the region. 
Our mission is providing customer satisfaction through offering reliable, durable and cost effective appliances.

The backbone of our brand is:

  1. Ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption (very strong bias towards energy saving)
  2. Environmentally friendly products that can be recycled
  3. Providing the local market with products that are not only warranted but we also provide full time backup service.
  4. Locally manufactured and assembled products
  5. High quality imported components through our sister company in China
  6. A highly skilled and dedicated technical staff that ensure our branded products meet the highest quality standards
  7. Some of our products are tested and certified by the Zimbabwe standards association
  8. A proactive sales team and management


Our company has branches for wholesale in Harare. Our products are distributed through leading retail chains such as OK, TM, PnP, Spar, Electrosales, Halsteds, Mahomed Mussa, Farm and City, and other smaller retailers.  We are now exporting to Lusaka, Zambia and Lilongwe, Malawi and we are planning more distributions points in Mozambique and South Africa and eventually Africa.


Over the years our brand has gained a reputation for quality and durability which has made us popular via word of mouth reference however this is not enough to create real value and significant sales for our customers. Since 2014 we have been having mass media campaigns to promote brand awareness as well as sales. We have also embarked on a project to supply our regular customers with customized shelving to promote sales and better display. To note we have previously participated in our customers’ promotions. We are very keen to support any other retailer promotion when given adequate time for planning.


Over the years we have created and natured several strategic relationships with various retail partners amongst these are the ones listed below but not limited to these. We feel honored to be associated with these partners and all the other partners not listed above as they have all made us what we are today.

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